Funding Opportunities

Harvard Medical School Center for Global Health Delivery–Dubai is addressing some of the most pressing health challenges in the region by focusing on research, medical education, and training that promises to improve health care delivery systems and patient outcomes for diseases prevalent in the United Arab Emirates, Middle East, North Africa, and neighboring regions in Africa, Asia, and Europe. The Center, established by Harvard Medical School in Boston and Dubai in 2014, is a hub for policy formulation and analysis that is optimizing the last phase of health care delivery, ensuring that care providers have the systems and tools necessary to alleviate human suffering caused by disease. The Center does not provide patient care but focuses exclusively on research and training.

Please take a moment to explore our funding opportunities for students.

The priority topics for these funding opportunities are:

  • Diabetes and obesity (and conditions resulting from them);
  • Optimization of surgical care delivery;
  • Infectious diseases, with particular focus on tuberculosis and hepatitis C; and
  • Mental Health.

 Special consideration is given to projects that focus on the health of women and children.

 Successful proposals aim to better understand social and structural barriers to optimal health care delivery, with the objective of improving the delivery of existing or new health care interventions.  Examples of the types of projects the Center would consider include:

 Understanding how gaps in the provision of surgical care have persisted in a particular setting;

  • Exploring the political economy around access to treatment for hepatitis C or tuberculosis;
  • Obtaining accurate descriptive data about the extent of need for mental health interventions;
  • Evaluating policies and laws that limit access to health care in a particular setting; or

Studying the potential impact of the new “BRICS” development bank on health care delivery innovation.