Reports & Proceedings

Center Reports & Proceedings

Emerging RolesThe Emerging Role of Municipalities
April 2015


Global Consultation on Best PracticesGlobal Consultation on Best Practices in the Delivery of Preventive Therapy for Household Contacts of Patients with Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
April 2015
Global SurgeryGlobal Surgery: Towards Equitable Surgical Systems
March 2016
Innovating Tuberculosis Care DeliveryInnovating Tuberculosis Care Delivery in High-Burden Settings
April 2015
Innovations and Positive DisruptionsInnovations and Positive Disruptions in the Supply Chain for Second-Line Drugs
April 2015
Outpatient Care DeliveryOutpatient Care Delivery in the Russian Federation: Creating a Platform for Improved Health Outcomes
June 2017
Stemming the TIdeStemming the Tide of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
December 2014