Al Jalila Foundation Global Health Scholarship

This scholarship has been discontinued; funding is no longer available. The following is provide for informational purposes only.


The Al Jalila Foundation will provide scholarship to a qualified professional from the UAE to attend Harvard Medical School and earn the degree of Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery (MMSc-GHD).

To learn more about the Al Jalila Foundation scholarship, please visit their website.

Details of the MMSc-GHD program may be found on their website.

Eligibility Criteria
  1. Acceptance into the MMSc-GHD program.
  2. UAE citizenship or proof of long-term commitment to the UAE.

The scholarship will cover tuition and fees, round trip travel to Boston, lodging in Boston, and a stipend. 

How to apply
Applicants must apply through the Al Jalila Foundation website.